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The Comprehensible Classroom

After four decades of research in the area of second language acquisition, it is clear that language is acquired not from practice (drills), but from consistent and constant exposure to input. Input is indispensable to language acquisition–meaning that language cannot be acquired without it. This idea of the indispensability of input was largely  absent from my language teacher training. We read one textbook that summarized the different theories of language acquisition and popular strategies over the last half century, but most of the course focused on what teaching looks like day-to-day. We participated in various communicative activities and designed our own games and practice activities for the things that “need to be taught” in language classes: vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Comprehensible input? I had never heard of it until I began teaching and got involved in my professional community: reading publications like Language Magazine and The Language Educator, collaborating with local teachers, attending local trainings…

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