Current Event: Justin Bieber in Tulum

The Comprehensible Classroom

Whether or not your students are reading Brandon Brown versus YucatánI’m sure that you can find a use for this current event! Last week, Justin Bieber visited the ruins in Tulum with his entourage, and they climbed some monuments that are off-limits to tourists. Sound familiar? Brandon Brown, under the influence of his mischievous friend Justin, did the same thing at Chichén Itzá in Chapter 8 of Brandon Brown versus YucatánLike the Biebster and his friends, Brandon and Justin were forced to leave the park.

When introducing this reading to your students, have them make predictions! In Spanish, tell them that a famous person visited an archaeological site on the Yucatán Peninsula. Take the opportunity to show them a map of some of the most famous sites on the peninsula, like this one that contains images of one of the monuments at each site. Ask them why they think the…

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